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Episode 10

Bill and Charpie break down the season 1 finale of FX’s Fargo. Both are pleased with the results and want to leave a bit with the listeners to continue to think about. Bill notes that Noah Hawley says not everything always fits neatly into a box and the show finale is the same. The guys

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Hotdish – Episode 10

Bill and Charpie fire up the oven for their final Hotdish of Fargo Season 1. Episode 10 “Morton’s Fork” wraps up as much as it can in this 90 minute episode. The guys start off getting all sad about the end of the show and talk about a few questions they will have in the full recap the next day. Both guys give the episode a thumbs up. To avoid setting up any spoilers for future watchers/listeners we’ll leave it here. Listen and enjoy.

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Interview – Jeff Russo

composer for FX's Fargo

Jeff Russo, composer for FX’s Fargo, joins us this week to talk about his masterfully crafted score for the season. We chat about his beginning in popular band Tonic, his score work that started before a scene was even shot, the joy we all got from the score in Episode 7, and how to use Noah Hawley whistling into his iPhone in the score. Jeff’s use of silence and his subtle touch during this season has been a joy to listen to. Keep your eyes peels July 1, 2014 when the score is released for sale. Jeff also hints at writing some stuff for another “little town up north”. Could this be Season 2 of Fargo? Jeff let’s us know that Episode 10 will be a great one.

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Episode 9

with special guests, Carmela and Mia

Carmela and Mia from the FXFargo Tumblr blog join Bill and Charpie again this week. FX’s Fargo Episode 9 “A Fox, A Rabbit, and A Cabbage” is really lining up the forthcoming end of season one. Lorne has skills beyond killing and hunting, Lester move from D-bag to a totally deplorable person, and we speculate on how things could wrap up with a smattering of theories behind the story. Lou’s attempts to serve cherry pie and Lorne is still as evil and slippery as ever. Ding dong…Hey Lester…you are evil.

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Hotdish – Episode 9

Episode 9 “A Fox, A Rabbit, and A Cabbage” is on Bill and Charpie’s mind. As things are winding down for this season, Bill is putting on his sad face in prep for the end of Hotdishes and FX’s Fargo Season 1. Chapie’s search for a new dentist has ended and Bill has a plan he hopes Wrench can come back and fulfill. Everyone can agree Lester is way to cocky.

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Episode 8

Bill and Charpie break down Episode 8 The Heap in this episode of Fargo Talks Fargo. Lester has some “out with the old in with the new” in this episode, Molly makes a case with Bill again, Budge and Pepper find new circumstances, Ida and Molly chat, and other plot points. Then Noah Hawley chucks in a bit of an unexpected curveball that shifts the story. Charpie rocks a rant about red sauce and midwest white sauce for tacos. We talk about sorites paradox as well as Detective Kitty O’Day. Through it all, Bill is convinced of the soft heart of Bill Oswalt. Files are grains of sand in The Heap or are they characters in the show?

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Interview – Julie Ann Emery

who plays Ida Thurman on FX's Fargo

Julie Ann Emery, who plays Ida Thurman, joins us for another special episode of Fargo Talks Fargo. We chat with Julie Ann about her experience on the show, learning to ditch a Tennessee accent for a Minnesota accent, and insights into Ida. Julie Ann also discusses a few of her other projects with us. So check out this episode as well as her other work.

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Hotdish – Episode 8

Noah Hawley drops a great show on us in this week’s Fargo. Episode 8 “The Heap” show us each character still dealing from the consequences of their recent actions. Lester is no longer a cowardly lion, Molly is trying her hardest to still shake what she know in her gut to be true, and Gus has his florist on speed dial. That’s when Noah drops it on us. Time shift and what happens after.

The Fargo Brewing password of the week for a $1 off a beer in their taproom: Stapler

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Interview – Tom Musgrave

who plays Bo Munk on FX's Fargo

Tom Musgrave, who plays Bo Munk on Fargo, joins us for a special episode of Fargo Talks Fargo. We meant to chat about Episode 7 with Tom, but had such a fantastic time talking with Tom about his time on the show that is we cut it into it’s own episode. Tom hails from Valley City, ND which is about an hour from Fargo and also attended college in the Fargo-Moorhead area. We hear about Tom’s audition process, his work on the show, and his experiences.

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Episode 7

Bill and Charpie go it alone in this breakdown. The opening of this show was a fantastic play of acting, editing, and music. Lester’s plan masterfully goes off without a hitch since Molly isn’t there to ask questions. Gus has a new mission to get Molly a spleen, but only seems to find guilt and flowers. Mr. Wrench and Molly chat as much as they can and Lester is ready to get back to work (or to work it). Lorne racks up some travel miles. DLH – RNH -FAR. I hope he got double miles for these trips. Gina and Lester are reunited. Molly seems to be losing it all. So much for “We’re gonna win this one, Gus Grimly”.

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