S5 – Jeff Russo Interview

Jeff Russo, composer for every season of Fargo to date, joins Bill and Charpie to chat. We get an update about his work and career along with a great dose of creative insight into how he scores the series. It’s a nice hotdish of music and character development. Enjoy! Read More

S5 – Episode 10

Wrapping up this season with biscuity Bisquik goodness, Bill and Charpie take you down one last long rabbit hole. We talk about Gator’s change and Dot’s reaction, Things escalate with Roy as he seemingly has a spat with god and Odin. Witt’s debt is unfortunately collected and Bill and Charpie work to wrap up all Read More

S5 – Episode 10 Hotdish

Bill and Charpie do a wee recap of the episode Bisquik, chat about chili, and their favorite moment from the episdoe ahead of their full breakdown. Dig in to this heaping bowl of thickness. Do a dollop! Read More

S5 – Episode 9

The Useless Hand is up for a penultimate discussion. Gator and Ole go fishing. Roy rocks his own live mayday call. Then, Bill and Charpie explore the symbolism of the windmill and the dugout, and the significance of the Tillman Ranch. They also discuss Ole’s role in saving Dot and the debts surrounding the situation. Read More

S5 – Episode 9 Hotdish

In this episode, the guys discuss Fargo, episode 9 “The Useless Hand”. They share their hotdish takeaways and discuss the atmospheric cinematography in the episode. They touch on Indira’s job decision and Roy’s plea to the “patriots”. The conversation touches on phone numbers and landlines…because of course it does and wraps up with a discussion Read More

S5 – Episode 8

In this episode of Fargo Talks Fargo, Bill and Charpie discuss the themes of debt, control, and doppelgängers. They analyze the significance of the Blanket show title. They also explore the character dynamics between Roy and Dorothy, as well as Indira and Whit.  Gator’s character is examined, with a focus on his vulnerability and the Read More

S5 – Episode 8 Hotdish

Bill and Charpie blanket the discussion about where they are from and how it changes over time. The convo shifts to the similarities between The Simpsons and Fargo, which is odd. They highlight the standout moments from episode 8 with Wit and Indira. They also touch on Tiger Dot, Linda and the windmill, and musical Read More

S5 – Episode 7

Linda delivers in this episode of FX’s Fargo. Bill and Charpie discuss the significance of the tennis theme, the volleys and back-and-forth between characters. Turns out to be bad day for everybody at Irma’s house. It’s also time to talk about Dot’s dream and the influence of the physical world on her journey to Camp Read More

S5 – Episode 7 Hotdish

In this episode of Fargo Talks Fargo, Bill and Charpie discuss Season 5, Episode 7: Linda. They talk about the puppet theme in the episode. They also discuss the ax slaying and Kevin’s murder, as well as the introduction of Gator’s mother, Linda. Food references, the dream sequence, and the windmill scene make an quick Read More

S5 – Episode 6

Bill and Charpie discuss The Tender Trap. They see numerous points about the treatment of women by the doofus male characters. They also discuss Lars’ list of grievances which makes him super dooshus. The conversation then shifts to the meeting with the feds and the tracker used by Gator. Overall, the guys explore themes of Read More

S5 – Episode 6 Hotdish

In this episode, Bill and Charpie discuss various themes and moments from Episode 6 “The Tender Trap” of Fargo. They talk about the gender ambiguity in the season, Indira’s power and influence, the quid pro quo exchanges between characters, Lars’ despicable behavior, and Lorraine’s softening and job offer to Indira. They also touch on the Read More

S5 – Episode 5

Be cafeful when hunting tigers, you may end up in a postion you won’t like. Dot displays her ability to evade and escape, while Lorraine shows us how to get a deal done while dealing with doofus bankers. Danish and Gator can’t seem to get any respect. Roy and Lorraine have a chat about Dorothy/Nadine. Read More

S5 – Episode 5 Hotdish

Goodness, Dot has herself running any which way but loose. In this episode of Fargo, The Tiger, we love to see how hard it is to cage a tiger (of any kind). Charpie thinks this was a Lorraine episode. Bill thinks it’s a  nice exposition on Dot, Lorraine, and Indira. Either way we welcome this Read More

S5 – Episode 4

Even a few days later, we struggle with Insolubilia, both pronoucing it and fully grasping it. We dive into a fun house of mirrors and lies on this episode of FX’s Fargo. We continue to talk about debt, religion, and how many characters are crafting their own story. Ole’s just hungry for pancakes. Read More

S5 – Episode 4 Hotdish

We skip over all the spooky scary attempted kidnap stuff for some commentary about one phrase. After that, it’s on to pancakes and our understanding or the lack thereof about the Liar Paradox. We even sneak in smidge of chat about actual elbow macaroni hotdish. This is why we do it folks. Dig into a Read More

S5 – Episode 3

In The Paradox of Intermediate Transactions, we get all sorts of fun information. Roy’s got some work to do for Oden to try get life back to 1776, Ole takes us on a journey back to 1522 (suck it 1776), and everyone seems to find out Witt and Olmstead are not giving up the thread Read More

S5 – Episode 3 Hotdish

Oooo la la, after we learn a bit more about Roy we dig into a heaping spoonful of Ole backstory. Is it Ole or Bryn? Or is it both? Either way It’s his home now. Dot is saddened by the mandatory waiting period. It’s the witching hour, so eat your sins.   Read More

S5 – Episode 2

Things are starting to heat up in 2019 on Fargo. On “Trials and Tribulations” we find a lot out about what kind of man Roy Tillman is and is not. The continued story of finding out that Dot is not to be messed with and maybe for good reason. She’s more than meets they eye. Read More

S5 – Episode 1

In this episode the guys break down FX Fargo’s Season 5, Episode 1 “The Tragedy of the Commons”. So much to consider as we meet this seasons cast of characters, with each of their unique issues and quirks. Everything from crazy conpsiracy about Scotty’s paternity to Bob Dylan trivia. Will this theories prove true? Only Read More

S5 – Episode 1 and 2 – Hotdish

Welcome back to Fargo friends! We’re back for another season and the Fargo universe is rolling into 2019. Since this is aired right before Thanksgiving and FX gave us a double-header, we’ve combined  into one super duper hot dish. Things are looking grim for Ole and his partner when they attempt to kidnap worthy adversary, Read More

S4 – Episode 11

Well gee dang it all…we seem to have come to another end to another season of Fargo on FX. Bill and Charpie talk about their final thoughts on the season. After we eased on down the road with the Fadda and Cannon crews, where have we ended up? Was this season up your alley or Read More

S4 – Episode 11 – Hotdish

Yikes we work on reconciling the end of this season…no we don’t since it’s the hotdish. Both of us are a bit stunned by things and attempt to serve up our thoughts without going too deep into the main course. Are we satisfied? Only a rewatch will bring these things to light, man.  Send us Read More

S4 – Episode 10

We somehow connect this episode from Stevie Wonder to The Wire to the Red Hot Chili Peppers. You know, the usual stuff from us. Odis is still smiling on his way out. Bill can’t let go of Oz. Charpie is full-blown in cahoots with the duality of Raddoppiarlo. We can’t let it go. Sorry not Read More

S4 – Episode 10 – Hotdish

Fresh off a twister of an episode last week, we find ourselves learning about Happy in episode 10 of Fargo Season 4. We’ve got a double cross by cousins, our two possible “Dorothy” characters emerge at their own crossroads in a new world, and a pair of characters disappear from this earth. Like Rick Astley, Read More

S4 – Episode 9

How can we even start this show breakdown. East/West Fargo Episode 9 is a fully-packed episode. Likely our biggest Oz payoff of the season. Houses divided. Tin Woodman, Hickory in search of oil, sister racist witches, and a dang unfinished billboard. What are guys like Rabbi and Satchel to do in this crazy mixed up Read More

S4 – Episode 9 – Hotdish

Things aren’t always as black and white as they seem in the episode of Fargo. In episode 9 East/West, we journey with Rabbi and Satchel to Liberal, KS to see where they are hiding out. We see Omie set his snare. Oddly, Satchel and Rabbi stay at another “house” that is divided. Things spin up Read More

S4 – Episode 8

In this episode, The Nadir, on Fargo Talks Fargo the guys break down what’s going with nadir. Bill pronounces the word improperly but Charpie deems it nice and fancy. We share fun facts about a record in the episode from Duke Ellington. Who is at a low point? What was the actual order Odis received Read More

S4 – Episode 8 – Hotdish

Josto professes his love. Gaetano and Josto find a way to seal their deal. Loy sets things in motion when he realizes the brother have not self-destructed. Deafy and Odis team up for the bust of the episode only to have Snowman chill the whole situation out in his special way. Zelmare is off running. Read More

S4 – Episode 7

This week we clear up that carrot controversy thanks to listener, Robert.  Keep the insights coming we love it. What is Lay Away all about? What is being put aside? Lions, tigers and Palominos, oh my! Charpie delves into a large prediction of fan fiction.  Join us as we break down episode 7 of Fargo, Read More

S4 – Episode 7 – Hotdish

Welcome to another episode of Fargo Talks Fargo and the hotdish. In this episode we see Oraetta get her groove back, Loy and Josto play angles that don’t seem to be understood by their crime family and the “word” is out about Satchel. Gaetano is aware of Josto’s play. Will more fun ensue? Charpie thinks Read More

S4 – Episode 6

Bill and Charpie break down Episode 6 Camp Elegance in this episode. Fan mail and theories abound. The Wizard of OZ references will not be going on away to strap in. Ethelrida has a creepy birthday. Charpie launches his new podcast “Deafy and the Carrot” but Bill isn’t so sure.  Is Oraetta a witch? Is Read More

S4 – Episode 6 – Hotdish

Happy Birthday Ethelrida! Charpie notes the quicker pace and staccato movement this episode 6 of Fargo. Camp Elegance shows the movement of the gears of war picking up pace. Odis gets a shower scene straight out of the movie Fargo. Gaetano gets bested by the ladies on the lam. Dr. Harvard gives Oraetta a stern Read More

S4 – Episode 5

In an episode of speeches, Bill and Charpie lament only slightly about too much of said speechifying (it’s a word we swear). We learn about Paris of the Plains and that the guys don’t know much about boulevards. They still can’t let go of the Wizard of Oz and have some serious relations. Be sure Read More

S4 – Episode 5 – Hotdish

Holy jeez. What the heck is going on? Bill is very distraught about this episode. He’s not ready to let go of Clarence Royce of the Wire. The gents chat about Glynn Turman. The end of wisdom is upon us. All of this, a bunch of deep signs, and bourbon on this episode of the Read More

S4 – Episode 4

Just another normal week here, ya know. Fargo continues in this fourth episode of the fourth season with some spooky, spooky business. It's chilling to see what happens here so grab a pair of mittens.  Bill and Charpie seem to linger on the concept of songs about drummers versus the use of youngster percussionist in war. Keep your eyes peeled as this is a double double again we think. Can't keep up? Pair, Paris, or pear either way we feel like we are twinning. Paring this all down we offer bonus points for catching our random audio references.  Read More

S4 – Episode 4 – Hotdish

Great Caesar's ghost! What the heck was that creepy fella doing on the stairs at the Smutney house? Charpie reveals his bird theory around Oreatta. Bill agrees it is a solid play. Strange note: why was the guy shoveling snow that didn't need to be shoveled. Hot and fresh. Enjoy. Read More

S4 – Episode 3

Get ready for some double double double action in this full breakdown of Raddoppiarlo. Bill has an epiphany about he show title but still struggles to pronounce it correctly. Charpie digs into the dark history of the Nuremberg trials. The guys also dig into some discussion again about the play of religion and extra-natural forces at work here in the Fargo universe. Bonus material is where to find a good cigarette vending machine in the late 80s, Wizard of Oz and ruby slippers. Read More

S4 – Episode 3 – Hotdish

Fresh off skipping classes in Italian, the guys attempt to pronounce the third episode’s show title, Raddoppiarlo. It doesn’t go well. Charpie brings things to the Disney universe and Bill is perplexed but agrees it is worth some more thought. Religion is afoot in many areas of the show. Plus some quick chat about food Read More

S4 – Episode 2

In this episode, The Land of Taking and Killing, Bill and Charpie discuss the lion in the cage. Who is it? We meet some jail-weary travelers in Zelmare and Swanee. Ethelrida is clearly getting under Oraetta’s skin so she decides to make Ethelrida her new pet project. Here’s to hoping that it doesn’t end up Read More

S4 – Episode 02 – Hotdish

This week sure feels fuller than a fella at a lutefisk feed. Charpie and Bill dish up a little bit of action on episode 2. Somehow they end up reminiscing about Don Draper and smoking. Bill needs people to start dying so he doesn't have to keep so many names straight. All this and a shocking supper-time moment for the guys in the end. Warm it up, folks! Read More

S4 – Episode 1

Well wouldn't ya know it, Noah and crew at FX and Fargo have jam-packed the episode full of history and nuance. Bill and Charpie discuss the meeting of so many characters. Also what's up with swapping kids like 80's Topps playing cards? Jeez, Bill would trade his 1950 Josto for a mind Rabbit 1950 Fargo playing card.  Is Nurse Mayflower our new Lorne Malvo? Has Mayflower met her match in a quick-witted Ethelrida. Who's is the man in the street after Thurman Smutny wants to read his teenage daughter The Wizard of Oz? So many questions and so much information to keep and gather. Also, WTF is every 5 feet 10 inches about? Joplins, Herbst, and so much more. idGee dang it all, Noah. Let's go! Read More

S4 – Episode 01 – Hotdish

Oh hey there. We've been gone quite some time. It's been since 2017 to be exact. Actually, Charpie has a more exacting number to share with you all in the episode. We hope all the mechanisms still function and this thing gets to air since we've got all sorts of thinking and recollecting we'd like to do with you all again this season. Thank for coming back to us, Noah Hawley. Read More

S3 – Episode 10

Bill and Charpie wrap up a fantastic season 3 of FX's Fargo. This aggression will not stand, man. Wrench and Nikki take action against the V.M. Varga crew at a storage facility. Emmit realizes he is not food, especially not a can of Campbell's Condensed Cream of Mushroom soup that the guys can't stop talking about. Feel free to rawhide a can for us. Gloria resigns, takes back her resignation, and moves on to a higher government calling. Oh, plus Sy attends a holiday party good as new (sans cup of tea). Thanks to the cast, crew, and all involved in another entertaining season of Fargo. And thanks to all the listeners of Fargo Talks Fargo for tuning in. Read More

S3 – Episode 10 – Hotdish

Ermagerd...we can't believe this is the end of season 3. Bill and Charpie lament the ending of the hotdish. Send some hope into the world that Noah Hawley wants a season 4, will ya? We chat (briefly) about the season finale and fall into madness, cream of mushroom soup, and Charpie shows us his rap skills. Enjoy your dish. Ok then. Read More

S3 – Episode 9

The guys get into a discussion about what it all means. Important stuff, like will a Blender Bottle make a decent Margarita. The answer is yes. Fargo S3, Episode 9 "Aporia" has us moving back to symmetry in cinematography with a nice does of reflection. Charpie wonders if the crime bosses should just figure out how to forge signature rather than go through all the trouble of murder. Bill wants to know what it all means. You know, like life and stuff. Is a fake grenade nepravda? This pressing question and more happen on the episode of Fargo Talks Fargo. Read More

S3 – Episode 9 – Hotdish

Bill and Charpie invent a new opening song. Things get deep when we talk about Village Inn breakfast. What does this have to do with Fargo? Nothing, but we like breakfast. Nikki shows her own brand of swagger and we talk unicorns of the sea. Get the dish while it is still hot! Pray for the Moe Dammik zamboni death. Read More

S3 – Episode 8

Fargo's Episode 8 "Who Rules the Land of Denial" brings us back to the chilling Fargo we all know and love. After a bit of a slow play, episode 8 ramps up the body count and tension. In a start first half, we follow the journey of Nikki and Wrench as the attempt to escape the animal farm crew of Yuri, Meemo, and Nameless Dude. Bill believes many character have been in denial this season. Charpie seems to agree. We also find that Sy isn't a fan of bitter ball tea, and Emmit is ready to chat. All this is wrapped up in this episode of Fargo Talks Fargo. F*ck it Dude, let's go bowling. Read More

S3 – Maggie Phillips

We were super lucky to chat again this season with Maggie Phillips, the Music Supervisor for FX's Fargo. Season three has been just as great as last year and Maggie walks us through a bit of the behind the scenes work that goes into picking music. Maggie hangs with us as we cover Fargo, nonsensical Italian-American songs, stories about Don Rickles, and more. Maggie chatted with us after episode 5 aired and gave us a few hints about upcoming music and thematic ideas. Tune in! Read More

S3 – Episode 7

The guys break down Episode 7 "The Law of Inevitability" on this episode of Fargo Talks Fargo. Both Bill and Charpie go back and forth about what they think Nikki Swango is really up to. And what's up with that bear? Why is VM opening the gifts? Sy breaks down during his Mr. Rogers work to home clothing swap, but shows his heartfelt humanity during the process. Gloria and Winnie deal with idiot men (no shocker there). All this and more. Enjoy! Read More

S3 – Episode 7 – Hotdish

So many scenes and so little time on the hotdish to discuss it all. Dammik is the climate change denier of good detective work, Bill thinks that Nikki is a still a cat, and Charpie continues his deep web of conspiracy theory. Both guys are excited to see Russell Harvard on the show again. If you don't know, look him up. Hello, Mr. Wrench! Simmer down...it's a photo from season 1. Read More

S3 – Episode 6

Fargo's Season 3, Episode 6 "The Lord of Mercy" take us to a few deep places we didn't expect. Bill and Charpie find themselves still talking about pravda and nepravda as VM spins tales. Meemo is a fine instrument, while Yuri is more blunt. All this and more on the full breakdown this week. Plus, fun with email subject lines in the mail grab bag. Bill starts a new metal band as well. Enjoy! Read More

S3 – Hotdish – Episode 6

Aw geez, what the heck just happened there? Lemme just sit here and what or what not. The guys record their reactions to Fargo Episode 6. What's up with the bullseye. Why is Emmit so paralyzed to help? Meemo can be a snappy dresser. A wolf head? Yeh you betcha. All the the hot news to dish up. Read More

S3 – Episode 5

Bill and Charpie both worry a bit about Stella not noticing that it's not Emmit going it to the lady in the hooker wig. We cover the House of Special Purpose and the relation (albeit poorly) to Emperor Nicholas II of Russian and their demise at the Ipatiev House. A deep discussion about VM's bits in the mug and the origin of the liquid Sy drinks. Does Nikki have 9 lives? In the end Charpie makes an astute point about the house of special purpose and the situation the characters are in. And a quick chat about egg bakes. Read More

S3 – Hotdish – Episode 5

Welcome to another hotdish about FX's Fargo. Some unwitting moves made by Nikki and Ray in their package drop. Speaking of packages...VM Varga finds another place to put his package. Best Mug Ever. What more can we say? Oh, yeah. That's about it. Ok. Read More

S3 – Episode 4

The Narrow Escape Problem and Peter and the Wolf cross paths in this episode of Fargo. Charpie has a more singular view of narrow escape, while Bill applies it to many character situations. The fun of watching Ewan play a character playing a character was not lost on both guys. We dive into a strange cream soda and summer sausage chat, Burt Lurdsman is a strange name, and all sorts of other interesting musings. Read More

S3 – Hotdish – Episode 4

Aces to the narrator of this episode of Fargo. Nice to have a blast from the season 1 past on this episode mashed up with the talk of Peter and the Wolf. The guys talk about The Narrow Escape Problem, Charpie thinks Chief Moe is the grandfather more than Sy, and Bill insists on Campbell's Soup in his hotdish recipes. Also more tampon talk and the intro of Winnie. The story pace will surely quicken after this episode. Read More

S3 – Episode 3

Fresh off the airplane and rocking in a hotel lounge, Charpie joins Bill to break down episode 3 "The Law of Noncontradiction". Does this episode mean anything, does it matter, or are we all just particles floating endlessly until we collide? The guys talks about it as well as Watchamacallits, and Bill bowling and eating Pizza Patrol with Don Hertzfeld. We also connect Barraboo, Wisconsin, last season's Shakey Graves w/ Monica Martin soundtrack music, and so much more. It's a strange one folks. Settle in. Read More

S3 – Hotdish – Episode 3

Bill is joined by Jerome again for the hotdish this week to quickly chat about Fargo Season 3, Episode 3. We get the backstory from the newspaper clipping as Gloria heads to Hollywood on an investigative journey. We meet young Thaddeus, Howard, and the lovely Vivian. There is cocaine and a diner. Basic Hollywood, right? Oh, and some Arby's. Read More

S3 – Episode 2

Fargo Season 3, Episode 2 "The Principle of Restricted Choices" builds on the previous episode opening the world of Fargo up even more. Charpie joins Bill via Japan this week to talk about the building storyline. The guys revel in a moment about the midwestern quality of passive aggressive conversations mirrored in Ray and Emmit's late night conversations. Irv needs more than IT help. Nikki channels her own inner Red Rum artistry. VM continues to push new business forward. Details come to light about the real world where Fargo is filmed, putting to rest the Swan theory from Charpie. Have a listen why don't ya? Read More

S3 – Hotdish – Episode 2

Warm up the oven for some tasty hotdish. Bill is joined by another Fargo-raised host, Jerome, this week while Charpie wings his way to Japan. Jerome loves Sy's spot on accent and mannerism, Bill just wanted somebody to pee on the rug, and we learn from Nikki Swango about one way to leave a nasty notes. Read More

S3 – Episode 1

Bill and Charpie dive into the world that is the first episode of season 3 of Fargo "The Law of Vacant Places". Bill can't help but continue the trend of Big Lebowski references and makes some strange prognostications (STFU Bill...er...Donny). Charpie holds down the sanity of the episode with memories of Red Owl bags. Was Ennis watching season 2 of Fargo on his tv? Was that really a Hugo award? Will Bill and Charpie ever figure out how to play Bridge? All these burning questions will be sort of answered on this episode of Fargo Talks Fargo. It's time to set the scene, eh? You betcha! Read More

S3 – Hotdish – Episode 1

Bill and Charpie are back for what will be another fantastic season of FX's Fargo and Fargo Talks Fargo. This season kicks offs with a few changes from the guys about the full show breakdowns moving to Sunday recordings and release. Both are happy to see the Fargo cast and crew off the a great start. East Berlin? AC units falling from the sky? More crime and murder? Sounds like another good time on Fargo to us. Thanks to our sponsor for this season, Fargo Brewing Company. Visit their taproom, plan a trip and get here...just do it. You won't regret it. Woodchipper IPA is the stuff. They do cool stuff by supporting our podcast. Read More

S2 – Post Show 2

Bill and Charpie answer post-show questions they have been receiving. They also pick the winner of the Fargo survival kit and announce a few more prizes that will be going out to six "lucky" winners. A quick 12 and a half minute show from us announce our plans for the off-season as well as possible upcoming show. Thanks again folks! Read More

S2 – Episode 10

Bill and Charpie get together in Fargo to talk about their feelings and break down the show. Amidst a technical difficulty they have to go back and record a bit of the show. Sorry for the interruption in the show folks. It's another end to another great season of Fargo. Both feel pretty darn satisfied with the outcome of the final episode and wax on some topics. Gail Kitchen utters a mumble. Hanzee is a love child and a future mob boss? The Solverson crew is still a stunning family. Thanks for tuning in this season. Read More

S2 – Hotdish – Episode 10

It has come to that time again this season on Fargo when we tie up the loose ends, leave the rest to the imagination, and say so long, farewell, auf wiedersehen goodbye. What a wild ride. Episode 10, Palindrome, proves to be just as wonderfully juicy as previous episodes. Peggy still has a possible screw loose, Lou has some great news via payphone, and Hanzee likes to watch baseball in the park. Mike Milligan has evidently clawed his way to middle management. So much to to talk about this week on the full recap. Until then, please enjoy this helping of hotdish. Read More

S2 – Maggie Phillips and Jeff Russo

Bill and Charpie have a conversation with Fargo Season 2 music supervisor, Maggie Phillips and chat about the songs behind the stunning season and how she came to be a music supervisor. Things get even more interesting when Maggie has Jeff Russo, Fargo's composer, join in the conversation. Settle into your seats. This one is a doozy. Two hours of Fargo nerdy music and fun. A big thank you to both Maggie and Jeff for taking time to chat. Read More

S2 – Episode 9

Bill and Charpie talk about all the big payoff that come due in Season 2 Episode 9 "The Castle" of FX's hit, Fargo. The massacre comes to fruition in this episode. Bill feels the UFO was a long time coming and the hints were all there in the first 2-3 minutes of episode. Charpie dissects a bit of Kafka. Both enjoy the way Hank is played this season. Hanzee drops a stunner on Floyd. Both guys felt it was the shocking part of this hour of Fargo. Read More

S2 – Hotdish – Episode 9

Ermahgerd! Martin Freeman narrates this episode which was ba-na-nas! Bill and Charpie are almost at a loss for what to talk about. Betsy takes a fall. Lou is run out of the town. Hanzee plays a serous hand and gets shabby. You can't take Bear down easily. Ben Shit (no typo) makes a reference to Rapid City. Ed and Peggy are up to tricks. Hank we love you. Oh...and a UFO. No big deal. All this and more in Season 2, Episode 9 "The Castle." Go read your Kafka kids. Read More

S2 – Episode 8

Charpie feels this has been the masterpiece so far this season. Bill isn't sure yet, but loved the episode a bunch. In Episode 8 "Loplop", we find out a lot about Peggy's state of mind as the show opens. Dodd turns out to have a bit of comedic if not dark comedy chops in true Coen-form. The props, sets, lighting, photography, and just plain everything in this episode is wonderful. Please go back and watch how wonderfully crafted this episode is to watch. This one was a fun to watch. Read More

S2 – Hotdish – Episode 8

Grab a glass of Chablis and sit down for some hotdish with us. We learn how Ed and Peggy got Dodd to take a dysfunctional family trip with them after much prodding. Hanzee is on the hunt again and will go to great lengths to find out what happened to Dodd. Hank and Lou discover the leftovers from the Blomquist basement bash. All this and more on this week's hotdish with Fargo Talks Fargo. Read More

S2 – Episode 7

Full recap of Episode 7 “Did You Do This? No, You Did” finds Bill and Charpie actually recording in the same rom together. Simone still has herself in a bad spot. Are her troubles over at the hand of Bear? Floyd seems to be setting some sort of trap or plan in motion with unbeknownst Read More

S2 – Hotdish – Episode 7

Remind us to never get the windows washed in Fargo. This quick recap/reaction has Charpie in town with Bill to chat. Simone is an angel in white but has she met the undertaker. Bill thinks Karl could also be the the sausage king of Chicago. All this and more on this episode of the hotdish. Also keep an eye out for real Fargo buildings in this episode. WTF is Hank doing in his study? Read More

S2 – Episode 6

with special guest, Carmela

Season 2, Episode 6 "Rhinoceros" charges us up with a lot of tension and a heavy dose of Karl Weathers. We talk with Carmela of the fxfargo.tumblr.com site this week. Simone tips Mike's hand once again, The Gehrhardts are on the move to fix their butcher issues and retrieve Charlie, and Peggy is still committed to self actualization. Read More

S2 – Hotdish – Episode 6

Season 2, Episode 6 “Rhinoceros” is a tense one at times. Bill and Charpie give their quick reactions on this episode of the hotdish. Turns out Ed isn’t the only one who can’t sit in Peg’s chairs. Dodd and Bear have a go until Floyd brings order. Stand-offs and guns blaze. Ed is a the Read More

S2 – Episode 5

with special guest, Joe Riley

In our Episode 5 recap of Fargo's FX, we break down "The Gift of the Magi" with Joe Riley again. War is on and it's a sneak attack. Tomato..tomahtoe....Honzee....Hanzee...either way that guy is tough as hell. We chat about Dodd feeling on top of the world, but think Floyd is onto him and there may be some recourse. Ed has a burning desire to leave top, except that Peg sold the car and seems to want to stay. Charlie and Simone have their own personal dilemmas. Read More

S2 – Hotdish – Episode 5

Hot and fresh, ya know. Episode 5 "The Gift of the Magi" was a doozy on FX's Fargo. The hunt and war are definitely on as shots are fired and the bodies begin to drop. Ed and Peggy play the show title as best they can. Dodd gets Charlie into some pork chops or the like...and shot. Simone is caught in the middle and likely nobody looking out for her except Floyd. Another fun filled fiery episode of Fargo. Read More

S2 – Episode 4

This week we break down the each of the "wars" that Charpie sees happening in "Fear and Trembling" on FX's Fargo. Lou is a bit lost about how to be around Betsy, Dodd reveals his possible protege, and Floyd makes her counter offer. Dodd, Simon, and Peggy all seem to be throwing a wrench in the gears as thing build to a head. Hanzee is on the hunt and encounters Karl and Mad Dog. All this and an unexpected thumb on Fargo Talks Fargo. Read More

S2 – Hotdish – Episode 4

This week's podcast finds Bill on the road in South Dakota in search of Nixon. The gears of war seem to be spinning up, Dodd has been a bad, bad boy from the start, Ed and Peggy come face to face with Lou, and much more on this quick take hotdish of FX's Fargo episode 4 "Fear and Trembling." Read More

S2 – Episode 3

The full recap of Episode 3 "The Myth of Sisyphus" has Bill and Charpie talking more about colors each character wears. The color grading in this season is a on point for Bill. There is stark contrast between the Gerhardt meeting and the Kansas City crew meeting. Holy Schmidt! Ben Schmidt is a character from Season 1? Betsy continues to do on heck of a job for both Lou and now Hank at the beauty parlor. Peggy hears this and we find that crashing a car on ice is harder than you think. Jerry...ahem...Skip is buried before his typewriter dreams can take hold. It was definitely high noon on Fargo this week. Read More

S2 – Hotdish – Episode 3

The guys give their quick reactions to this episode of FX's Fargo, Episode 3 "The Myth of Sisyphus." Bill digs the Jeff Russo choice of Yamasuki's "Yama Yama." Both guys are feeling a really strong German Nazi-type vibe from the Gerhardt family compound. Bill talks about the colors schemes in the film and Charpie backs it up with some more thought. Visitors, divinity, and much more on this helping of the hotdish. Read More

S2 – Episode 2

with special guest, Joe Riley

Bill and Charpie recap Episode 2 "Before the Law." Joining the Fargo Talks Fargo crew this week is Joe Riley from grillingaddiction.com. A longer episode garners a longer recap so settle in for insights into Kafka's "Before the Law", Bill's continued theory on the color of clothing, and our great appreciation for the tension created with Mike and Hank on a lonely Minnesota road. We all seem to agree that Mike Milligan is going to be a fantastic character to watch this season if he avoids the meat grinder. Read More

S2 – Hotdish – Episode 2

Bill and Charpie give their quick take hot outta the oven. The nods to other Coen brother's movies continues in Episode 2 "Before the Law." Bill also notes plenty of orange and foreshadowing back to season 1 with Lester, his orange jacket, and the fish poster. Charpie is happy to see the shoe is still in play. It was a kill-free story tonight in Fargo. Does this mean a kindler, gentler Fargo? Ya know...we don't think so. Last season had a duo of henchmen including one that was deaf, this year we get two or three from the KC crew that seem to be mute so far. Season 3...blind? Well, ok then. Either way this episode was finger-lickin' good. Read More

S2 – Episode 1

with special guest, John Lamb.

John Lamb, from The Forum of Fargo-Moorhead, joins Bill and Charpie to talk about the season 2 premiere. The guys recap all that they can about the cast of characters revealed in S02E01 "Waiting for Dutch." Plenty of Coen-esque humor and gentle nods to previous work happens. Bill gets a bit to wrapped up in the number six while Charpie finds out that Cusaks sound alike. UFOs and such, oh jeez! We all agree there will be much more to come from Peggy. Read More

S2 – Hotdish – Episode 1

Holy geez...they had tater tot hotdish at the premiere! Bill recaps attending the premiere event in Fargo. Once the glow of cream of mushroom soup in a hillock of baked goodness wears off they discuss their initial thoughts about the first episode of season 2 of FX's Fargo. Read More

S2 – Preseason Show

Welcome back to a new season of FX's Fargo and another season of Fargo Talks Fargo podcast. In a preseason show, Bill and Charpie chat about the upcoming season's cast and trailer. Both guys are excited about the new season. Bill tells of his soft spot for Brad Garrett and Charpie makes an early call for Miller's Crossing references. Read More

S1 – Episode 10

Bill and Charpie break down the season 1 finale of FX’s Fargo. Both are pleased with the results and want to leave a bit with the listeners to continue to think about. Bill notes that Noah Hawley says not everything always fits neatly into a box and the show finale is the same. The guys Read More

S1 – Hotdish – Episode 10

Bill and Charpie fire up the oven for their final Hotdish of Fargo Season 1. Episode 10 "Morton's Fork" wraps up as much as it can in this 90 minute episode. The guys start off getting all sad about the end of the show and talk about a few questions they will have in the full recap the next day. Both guys give the episode a thumbs up. To avoid setting up any spoilers for future watchers/listeners we'll leave it here. Listen and enjoy. Read More

S1 – Interview – Jeff Russo

composer for FX's Fargo

Jeff Russo, composer for FX's Fargo, joins us this week to talk about his masterfully crafted score for the season. We chat about his beginning in popular band Tonic, his score work that started before a scene was even shot, the joy we all got from the score in Episode 7, and how to use Noah Hawley whistling into his iPhone in the score. Jeff's use of silence and his subtle touch during this season has been a joy to listen to. Keep your eyes peels July 1, 2014 when the score is released for sale. Jeff also hints at writing some stuff for another "little town up north". Could this be Season 2 of Fargo? Jeff let's us know that Episode 10 will be a great one. Read More

S1 – Episode 9

with special guests, Carmela and Mia

Carmela and Mia from the FXFargo Tumblr blog join Bill and Charpie again this week. FX's Fargo Episode 9 "A Fox, A Rabbit, and A Cabbage" is really lining up the forthcoming end of season one. Lorne has skills beyond killing and hunting, Lester move from D-bag to a totally deplorable person, and we speculate on how things could wrap up with a smattering of theories behind the story. Lou's attempts to serve cherry pie and Lorne is still as evil and slippery as ever. Ding dong...Hey Lester...you are evil. Read More

S1 – Hotdish – Episode 9

Episode 9 "A Fox, A Rabbit, and A Cabbage" is on Bill and Charpie's mind. As things are winding down for this season, Bill is putting on his sad face in prep for the end of Hotdishes and FX's Fargo Season 1. Chapie's search for a new dentist has ended and Bill has a plan he hopes Wrench can come back and fulfill. Everyone can agree Lester is way to cocky. Read More

S1 – Episode 8

Bill and Charpie break down Episode 8 The Heap in this episode of Fargo Talks Fargo. Lester has some "out with the old in with the new" in this episode, Molly makes a case with Bill again, Budge and Pepper find new circumstances, Ida and Molly chat, and other plot points. Then Noah Hawley chucks in a bit of an unexpected curveball that shifts the story. Charpie rocks a rant about red sauce and midwest white sauce for tacos. We talk about sorites paradox as well as Detective Kitty O'Day. Through it all, Bill is convinced of the soft heart of Bill Oswalt. Files are grains of sand in The Heap or are they characters in the show? Read More

S1 – Interview – Julie Ann Emery

who plays Ida Thurman on FX's Fargo

Julie Ann Emery, who plays Ida Thurman, joins us for another special episode of Fargo Talks Fargo. We chat with Julie Ann about her experience on the show, learning to ditch a Tennessee accent for a Minnesota accent, and insights into Ida. Julie Ann also discusses a few of her other projects with us. So check out this episode as well as her other work. Read More

S1 – Hotdish – Episode 8

Noah Hawley drops a great show on us in this week's Fargo. Episode 8 "The Heap" show us each character still dealing from the consequences of their recent actions. Lester is no longer a cowardly lion, Molly is trying her hardest to still shake what she know in her gut to be true, and Gus has his florist on speed dial. That's when Noah drops it on us. Time shift and what happens after. The Fargo Brewing password of the week for a $1 off a beer in their taproom: Stapler Read More

S1 – Interview – Tom Musgrave

who plays Bo Munk on FX's Fargo

Tom Musgrave, who plays Bo Munk on Fargo, joins us for a special episode of Fargo Talks Fargo. We meant to chat about Episode 7 with Tom, but had such a fantastic time talking with Tom about his time on the show that is we cut it into it's own episode. Tom hails from Valley City, ND which is about an hour from Fargo and also attended college in the Fargo-Moorhead area. We hear about Tom's audition process, his work on the show, and his experiences. Read More

S1 – Episode 7

Bill and Charpie go it alone in this breakdown. The opening of this show was a fantastic play of acting, editing, and music. Lester's plan masterfully goes off without a hitch since Molly isn't there to ask questions. Gus has a new mission to get Molly a spleen, but only seems to find guilt and flowers. Mr. Wrench and Molly chat as much as they can and Lester is ready to get back to work (or to work it). Lorne racks up some travel miles. DLH - RNH -FAR. I hope he got double miles for these trips. Gina and Lester are reunited. Molly seems to be losing it all. So much for "We're gonna win this one, Gus Grimly". Read More

S1 – Hotdish – Episode 7

FX's Fargo is moving towards it's end this week in Episode 7 - "Who Shaves the Barber". Bill and Charpie agree that the opening of this episode is fantastic. We get a quick explanation of the fish from the sky, Lester's master plan is working out (so far), Molly is pretty damn forgiving of Gus, Lorne is evil, and Gina Hess rocks Lester. Enough said. Read More

S1 – Episode 6

with special guest, John Lamb

John Lamb, features writer from the Forum of Fargo-Moorhead, joins us this week to recap the storm of the century on FX’s Fargo. Buridan’s Ass has us a bit confused about it’s application to this episode, but we rip through the episode bit by bit to dissect as usual. Chumpf rocks his last piece of Read More

S1 – Hotdish – Episode 6

On the Hotdish we rejoin Chumpf in his Turkish closet and his last time using the Darth Vader line. Charpie thinks the mob/crime boss stereotype is a bit overdone. We finally get to see the evident glow of Storm Watch 2006 that has been building and a shootout at the Duluth OK Corral. A Minnesota Fish-Fry could happen, but not how you think. Lester continues to be a "bad boy". We can't wait to do our full episode recap tomorrow night. Stay tuned in folks. Thanks to show sponsors: Fargo Brewing Company TAG Read More

S1 – Episode 5

with special guest, Joe Riley

Joe Riley, from GrillingAddiction.com, joins us again to talk about Episode 5 of Fargo from FX. We chat about "flashbacks" and the proper terms for use and if we like it. Bill wrangles Charpie and Joe from their glorious reunion from Fargo Talks Fargo Preshow 1. The Six Ungraspables is a big turn for the show lining up moving pieces as the show moves towards the wrap. Things are heating up for Molly Solverson, Gus Grimly has a chat about a really depressing "parable", Lorne Malvo is still a mystery and a very smooth character, but a total evil person (like Chris Brown). Holy smokes more parables and a crazy idea about them from CityPages columnist, Tatiana Craine. Read More

S1 – Hotdish – Episode 5

Noah Hawley really has a thing for flashbacks and we get another in the beginning. Bill suggests Lorne is yet another animal. Lester is a festering in jail with his new buddies and we finally find out more about the Mitvah Tank. This and so much more on this episode of the Hotdish from Fargo Talks Fargo. As a bonus we introduce a new way to get $1 off a beer at Fargo Brewing Company's tap room. Have a listen to find out how or follow us on Facebook/Twitter. Read More

S1 – Episode 4

with special guests, Carmela and Mia

Carmela and Mia from the FXFargo Tumblr and Twitter join us this week. We've officially gone international since Carmela is in Australia. We discuss Eating the Blame along with our recap of the 1987 tie back to Stavros' mystery money. Lorne continues to keep things wonderfully constructed and complicated. Plagues possibly continue, Storm Watch 2006 is in the house, and it seems getting arrested is the hip thing on Fargo these days. Find out more about this and when we think Lester will get laid. Read More

S1 – Hotdish – Episode 4

FX's Fargo rocks another flashback. Charpie and Bill are still coming down off the crazy conspiracy show from last week. We find that religious symbolism and related topics are still running through the show. Advice of the week is to avoid using Chaz's phone. Overall the story continues weaving the (Charlotte's) web. Read More

S1 – Episode 3

with special guest, Kris Kerzman

Kris Kerzman from the Arts Partnership joins us this week to do some hardcore conspiracy breakdown. We talk about frozen panties guy, deer, ice scrapers, and all sorts of religious theology mumbo jumbo. This is our most "gunman on the grassy knoll" theory show to date, but we think this is the deep catalog thought process about the show beyond accents and hotdishes. Or we could be totally wrong but Fargo is proving great fun to analyze. Yes, those are Fargo Brewing Wood Chipper IPA cracking open in the background. Post show discovery is that we had the wrong Lebouef (True Grit not Shia). Ah jeez we missed that one. Well, enjoy your funeral hotdish. Read More

S1 – Hotdish – Episode 3

A quick take on Fargo Episode 3. Malvo continues his escapades of messing with people and being generally evil and funny at the same time (remind me never to wear a tie again). Then Charpie drops a bomb on Bill that he missed and the Hotdish takes a turn. Spoilers ahead. We can't wait to talk at length about it tomorrow night. Ice Scraper! Read More

S1 – Episode 2

with special guest, Diane Miller

Diane Miller joins us this week to talk about Episode 2 "The Rooster Prince" and we chat about the crummy cars driven by the bad guys. Diane also tells us about her experience interviewing FX Fargo writer, Noah Hawley. Bill has been staring at license plates too much and is working on a conspiracy theory he expects others to figure out for him. Diane is unsure of Alison Tolman's portrayal of Molly to date. Hubba Bubba finally comes to light and we visit about Gus Grimly and his undressing neighbor. Also it turns out that regional trucking is a tough business. We all love the deuce. Read More

S1 – Hotdish – Episode 2

Coming off the second episode, we respond to "Who Dead Next" as well as other quick topics on this episode of the Hotdish. We learn more about Lorne and how much of a sissy that we think Lester is being about a little hole in his hand. Molly is hot on the trail of something  but new boss hog, Bill, is obviously keen on keeping the local peace. If you have recently bronzed, try to keep it off your extortion letters, right? Read More

S1 – Episode 1

with special guest, Greg Carlson

Greg Carlson joins the Fargo Talks Fargo show this week to talk about Episode 1 of Fargo. The panel dives into the episode title and waxes intellectual about what it all means. We break down scenes and discuss what is up with the deer in the trunk. Bits of Fargo (the movie) are spotted throughout the episode. Charpie loves the sound of ham being rubbed and questions if Rachel Ray would really give that kind of advice. In the end, we ask the great question about who will die next. Read More

S1 – Hotdish – Episode 1

What the heck is a hot dish? It's a casserole don't ya' know. Fargo Talks Fargo has decided to add a bit more cream of mushroom sauce to the mix. Our Hotdish episodes will be quick comments and wrap ups recorded the night that Fargo airs on FX. Check out this episode as Bill recaps the big premiere party in Fargo, ND at the historic Fargo Theatre. As it turns out, last week's stabby comments were spot on. Read More

S1 – Preseason Show 2

with special guest, John Lamb

Back for another preseason warm-up show, Bill and Charpie chat with John Lamb, the arts, entertainment, and pop culture writer for the Forum of Fargo-Moorhead. Some answers emerge about the giant wooden Marge statue at the Fargo Theatre but no one seems the recall the event. We discuss a few articles from our northern Canadian neighbors, Minnekota nice, Fargo gets called “stabby”, more trailer/character talk, and Bill is iffy on Kate Walsh after Private Practice. Read More

S1 – Preseason Show 1

with special guest, Joe Riley

Welcome to first episode of Fargo Talks Fargo with special guest Joe Riley of GrillingAddiction.com. This week the Fargo Talks Fargo crew talk about the trailers that have been released to date and Bill is unable to contain his excitement. We also chat about the movie, the midwest, and the new format of creating longer story lines that don't wrap up with each episode. Charpie peppers the casserole conversation about the dullness of Midwest winters. Read More