How can we even start this show breakdown. East/West Fargo Episode 9 is a fully-packed episode. Likely our biggest Oz payoff of the season. Houses divided. Tin Woodman, Hickory in search of oil, sister racist witches, and a dang unfinished billboard. What are guys like Rabbi and Satchel to do in this crazy mixed up world. Calamity ensues. Snowman comes back at the end (of the podcast not the episode). The future is now! Just not for Omie or Willy. We can try help. Join us on this episode of Fargo Talks Fargo at we celebrate Satchel’s birthday. Happy Birthday, young man!

FARGO — “East/West” – Year 4, Episode 9 (Airs November 15) Pictured: Rodney Jones as Satchel Cannon. CR: FX